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Thinking About Leasing Your Next New Acura? Take a Look at the Many Benefits when You Lease from Acura of Riverside

While taking the traditional cay buying route is certainly the best course of action for many Riverside, CA drivers, we're finding that more and more of our customers are coming to our Acura of Riverside financing department to learn more about leasing, and to see if a new car lease might actually be the way to go.

Naturally, leasing a new luxury car isn't for everyone; there are plenty of drivers out there who like the idea of investing in a car that they plan to hold onto for the foreseeable future. That being said, there are a number of distinct benefits to leasing, which are worthy of your serious consideration before you purchase your next new Acura. Have a look at the following information, provided to you by our Acura of Riverside team, and be sure to contact the folks in our financing department should you be interested in any additional information.

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The Benefits of Leasing Your Next New Acura from our Riverside Dealership:

  • Lower monthly payments. Let's say you're looking at a brand new Acura RDX; you can take out a loan and finance the purchase of this vehicle through regular monthly payments, or you could get the exact same model with all the same features for less money each month should you opt to lease.
  • Lower down payment. When you lease, you typically won't be required to make as hefty of a down payment as you would were you buying the vehicle. In fact, you can often even get away with putting no money down whatsoever should you choose to lease; buying the vehicle in question typically won't afford you this flexibility.
  • Less money out of pocket for repairs. Because the typical lease term is generally under three years, you will find that the Acura brand's warranty will cover the bulk of any and all repair expenses. If you had chosen to purchase the car, you will get the same coverage, but once the brand's warranty comes to its conclusion, you will be required to pay out of pocket for maintenance and repairs.
  • Drive a newer, nicer car for less. Lease a new Acura now and in just a few years' time, you can easily return the car and sign on for a new lease of a newer, more advanced vehicle. It's virtually impossible to drive a new model this frequently if you're continuing to buy and sell each new model.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of auto technology and safety advancements. Because leasing offers you the luxury of driving a newer car with more frequency, you will be able to drive models that are entirely up to date in terms of the technology and safety they offer.
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